Verbs Patterns

Regular Verbs
-AR Ending (see list)      ganar
-ER Ending (see list)      beber
-IR Ending (see list)      vivir
Irregular -zar Verbs (See a list here)
-ZAR Ending      analizar
-ZAR with O => UE      almorzar
-ZAR with E => IE      comenzar
Irregular -zco Verbs (See a list here)
CER ==> ZCO      abastecer
CIR ==> ZCO      deslucir
CIR ==> ZCO with C ==> J      conducir
Irregular -car Verbs (See a list here)
-CAR Ending      acercar
-CAR with O ==> UE      revolcar
Irregular -gar Verbs (See a list here)
-GAR      delegar
-GAR with E ==> IE      negar
-GAR with O ==> UE      colgar
-GAR with U ==> UE      jugar
Irregular -iar Verbs (See a list here)
-IAR (changed accented í)      aliar
-IAR (conjugated like an -AR verb)      denunciar

costarto cost
resolverto solve
romperto break
surgirto arise, emerge, spring up, come out
actuarto act, perform, operate
preferirto prefer
andarto walk, to go
construirto build, to construct
reunirto gather
proponerto propose
solerto be used to, be accustomed to
elegirto choose
demonstrarto demonstrate, to prove
cerrarto close
continuarto continue
moverto move
mostrarto show
valerto be worth, to cost
repetirto do again, to repeat
dirigirto manage, to run
descubrirto discover, to uncover
conseguirto get
recordarto remember
suponerto suppose
caerto fall
pedirto ask for, to order
morirto die
convertirto convert, to change
seguirto follow
abrirto open
entenderto understand
perderto lose
escribirto write
encontrarto find, encounter
llegarto arrive, to come
contarto count, tell, relate
sentirto feel
volverto return
pensarto think
quererto want, to love
saberto know, to taste
darto give, to have
traerto bring
huirto escape, to flee
creerto believe
poderto be able to
ponerto put
oirto hear
irto go
verto see
estarto be
venirto come
serto be
tenerto have
denunciarto denounce
aliarto ally (with)

RegEx for parsing: is:

REGEXP: (<a [^>]*>)|(<\/a>)|( class="[^"]*")|( data-[^"]*="[^"]*")|(title="")|(<span [^>]*><\/span>)
REPLACE: Leave Empty!

REGEXP1: <td style="border[^>]*>
REPLACE1: <td class="C1">

REGEXP2: <td style="font[^>]*>
REPLACE2: <td class="C2">

REGEXP3: <td style="padding[^>]*>
REPLACE3: <td class="C3">

REGEXP: <div style="-webkit-box-align[^>]*>\n<div style="cursor: default;">\n(.*)\n?<\/div>\n?<\/div>

REGEXP: <div .*\n.*\n?Present Participle:&nbsp;(.*)<\/div>\n<\/div>\n<div .*\n.*\n?Past Participle:&nbsp;(.*)<\/div>\n<\/div>\n
REPLACE: <B>Present Participle: </B>$1<BR />\n<B>Past Participle: </B>$2<BR />\n

Good One: Clears away everything!
REGEXP: (<a [^>]*>)|(<\/a>)|( class="[^"]*")|( data-[^"]*="[^"]*")|(title="")|(<span [^>]*><\/span>)|(<div [^>]*>)|(<\/div>)|( style="(?!color)[^"]*")

Continuing of previous (empty <span> elements)
REGEXP: <span\s*>([^\/]*)<\/span>

  font-size: 13px;
  padding: 7px 6px;
  width: 120px;

  border-color: rgb(237, 237, 237);
  border-style: none none none solid;
  border-width: 1px;
  font-size: 13px;
  padding: 7px 6px;
  width: 220px;

  padding: 0px;